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Raccoons Save Christmas

Raccoons Save Christmas

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Santa’s in trouble!

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa has crashed in the junkyard. The sleigh is totaled, the gifts are crushed, and magical reindeer are running everywhere. Santa got knocked unconscious—you’ve put him up in the old Ford Country Esquire station wagon to recover.

In the meantime, someone has to save Christmas!

This is an expansion for Raccoon Sky Pirates. You’ll need that game to play.

Your raccoon liberates one magical item from the sleigh’s wreckage or Santa’s person: his hat, his glasses, his pipe, his toy bag (now full of trash), jingle bells, or reindeer chow. Whichever one you pick confers dangerously unpredictable effects on your raccoon. Get to a house, place a “gift” made of trash somewhere you think the residents will appreciate it, and get out. But watch out for the Christmas-themed hazards! You might get wasted on egg nog, lost in a stocking, or into a fight with the frighteningly lifelike Nativity scene.

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