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Raccoon Sky Pirates Box Set

Raccoon Sky Pirates Box Set

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Raccoon Sky Pirates is a tabletop role-playing game for 3 to 6 players that takes about three hours to play. Take to the skies, loot a suburban home of all the trash you can carry, and escape into the night, while trying to keep your ship from exploding.

  • No prep required before you sit down to play.
  • Pick your raccoon or other trash animal—possums, rats, pigeons and roaches are all available.
  • Design your gorgeous, rattletrap flying ship.
  • Roll to see what you do, then narrate a moment based on your roll.
  • Play Complications Cards to rescue a disastrous moment—but watch out, you're asking for trouble in the future.
  • Watch the Problem Track tick up toward disaster.
  • In five clearly defined scenes, fly to the suburbs, get into the house, steal everything you can, fly back to the junkyard, and divvy up the loot.


  • the 32-page zine, full of whimsical drawings in lavish black and white
  • 18 full-page play sheets, including large house maps
  • the Deck of Complications, ready to throw a wrench into the works
  • a bonus 12-sided raccoon die, with a raccoon face on the 12

...all shipped in a handsome white box with a raccoon printed on the front.

I pack each box's contents securely, and I ship around the world!

Every purchase comes with a link to download the PDF directly from this site. After you check out, on the "Order Received" page, look for the big yellow button under "Downloads"!

"Raccoon Sky Pirates is delightfully off-kilter! It knows exactly the experience it is promising, and it delivers. Pilot a janky-ass flying trash barge! Panic and make terrible choices! Steal a shiny toaster! This is madcap fun."
—Avery Alder
Author of Monsterhearts, Dream Askew and The Quiet Year

“It’s hard for a game to reliably create slapstick comedy every time, but somehow, Raccoon Sky Pirates does it.”
—Markus Widmer, 3W6 Podcast
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