Raccoon Sky Pirates


To download all play sheets in one file:

All Play Sheets (4.5 MB)

To download individual play sheets:

Character Sheets (1 MB)

Neighborhoods Map (1.5 MB)

House Sheets (2 MB)

To download virtual Complications Cards:

Playing Cards Faces (3 MB)

Playing Cards Backs (4 MB)

Virtual Complications Cards (2.5 MB). To use on PlayingCards.io (these instructions are for the desktop site):

  1. Go to PlayingCards.io on the "Games" page.
  2. Click the "+" button at the upper right
  3. Click "Start blank room" and then "Enter."
  4. Click the toolbox icon in the upper left to edit the table.
  5. In the overlay that comes up, click on "Room Options."
  6. Click "Import from File."
  7. Upload the file, raccoon-sky-pirates.pcio

Some people find the interface for PlayingCards.io to be clunky. If so, you can download the card faces and backs and assemble your own virtual deck on the virtual tabletop of your choice.